Oakland University Sponsored 5v5 Tournament at Detroit County Day

Oakland University Women’s Lacrosse is hosting a 5v5 tournament at the Detroit Country Day Field House March 10th.


Varsity Team: Real Detroit Muscle Black  (check-in at 9:30am…Games: 10:15am, 11:55am, 2pm, 3:40pm)

  • Emma Stempien (Goalie for both Varsity Teams)
  • Kate Wujciak
  • Julie Dunnigan
  • Grace Silcox
  • Hailey Roovers
  • Shannon Stubbs
  • Kelsey McNally
  • Chloe Mihalcheon
  • Kaitlyn Ziegele

Varsity Team: Real Detroit Muscle White  (checkin at 9am – GAMES 9:50am, 11:30am, 12:45pm, 2:50pm)

  • Emma Stempien
  • Anna Arvant
  • Maria Ferrari
  • Ellie Ruperich
  • Gabby Bumbaugh
  • Gwyn Wineman
  • Kaleigh Rogers

JV Team: Real Detroit Muscle Blue  (Checkin9:30am – GAMES 10:15am, 11:55am, 1:35pm, 4:05pm)

  • Kate Fitzsimmons (Goalie for both JV teams)
  • Madeline Milia
  • Grace Hupp
  • Grace Best
  • Emma Ruscowski
  • Abbie Caza
  • Ariana Wauer
  • Taylor Mahle
  • Haven Capone
  • Molly Ferrari

JV Team – Real Detroit Muscle Grey: (Checkin at 10am – Games 10:40am, 12:20pm, 2pm, 3:15pm)

  • Sam Foss
  • Alessandra Betanzos
  • Chloe Sarkisian
  • Ally Hutchinson
  • Mina Badwar
  • Ella Schmidt
  • Eve Collon
  • Lauren Darnell
  • Madee Mcbride

From the Oakland Coach:

Now let’s talk about the event. This is very important! So please read and share with parents and players!

Ø  The event will now go from 9am-7pm (should end by 6:30pm) – see schedule above

Ø  Doors will open 8:15am

Ø  If you are playing in the 9:25am game you must check in 1st .

Ø  Each team will need to be at DCD 45 min prior to their 1st game for check in

Ø  Team manager needs to bring the following to check in:

  • Updated team roster (with numbers if you have)
  • Waiver for each player (NO WAIVER, NO PLAY, NO EXCPETIONS)

Ø  Once checked in by Oakland players, teams may then enter the Field House

Ø  There are 5 mins between games, so please be respectful and let your teams know they need to get on and off quickly

Ø  There is a $2.00 admission fee for the day for any spectators

Ø  Fine Design will be onsite selling tournament tee’s (I have attached an image of the art)

Ø  Trainer will be on staff for the event

Ø  Pat Hayes will oversee all officials and their gaming assignments

Ø  Jersey; if your team has practice pennies great, if they are doing t-shirts please make sure their numbers are on the back.

Ø  The jersey number on the roster should match the number the player is rocking on their back if you have


Ø  This year there are no draws, ball goes in, and then goalie must clear the ball out.

Ø  There is free movement (new high school rules)

Ø  Yellow cards; if player gets a yellow card, she will be removed from play for 2 mins. The team will still play 5v5, but the player that committed the foul will stay out for the full 2 mins.

Ø  If same player receives a second yellow card, she will be out for the reaming of that game

Ø  If the player gets a straight RED Card she will miss the remaining of the current game and the next game

Ø  Sportsmanship and dangerous play is a huge rule of emphasis this year. If any officials or Oakland staff member feels that a parent, coach, or player is not carrying themselves in a respectful manner, then they will be asked to leave the event.

Ø  Spectators MUST stay behind the safety netting

Ø  Coaches hired by the school cannot coach their teams due to MHSAA rules

Ø  Absolutely Zero food on the field once you enter field house!

Ø  You can set up shop and eat in the hallways